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New technology helps relieve anxiety for children in Wales facing cancer

Published: October 13th, 2015 in News

The Children’s Hospital for Wales is reporting a significant reduction in the need to give young children a general anaesthetic while having MRI scans, and a definite reduction in anxiety for the child and their family while visiting the Radiology Unit, thanks to innovative technology to create an immersive, multi-sensorial atmosphere using ambient lighting and sound.

The ground breaking technology has been provided by LATCH Welsh Children’s Cancer Charity after it heard from families that it was the scanning procedures that caused the most fear and anxiety for children during their cancer treatment. LATCH has been working with the Children’s Hospital, and the electronics company Philips to come up with a solution. And the solution is LATCHmosphere.

LATCHmosphere is the first of its kind, and is based on years of clinical design research. It creates over 50 different themed light and sound experiences, allowing children to choose and create their own personal environment of light and sound that follows them all the way through from the waiting room, through the radiology unit and even through the MRI scanner itself.

Since its introduction to the Radiology Unit at Children’s Hospital for Wales in June 2015, Doctors are reporting a reduction in the need to use general anaesthetic and children as young as four years old have undergone MRI scans using only LATCHmosphere to keep them relaxed enough to complete the procedure.

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