LATCH Funds Clinical Research Nurse Role

One of LATCH’s primary functions besides our extensive direct support for families of children with cancer and leukaemia is to support the oncology unit at the Children’s Hospital for Wales, primarily Rainbow and Rocket Ward

This December, we’re so thrilled to share that Ceri Hogg has commenced the newly created role of Early Phase Clinical Research Nurse Specialist in paediatric oncology/haematology which is sponsored by LATCH.

Currently, patients who require additional treatment potentially have to travel to other centres for treatment and we hope that by providing this service, patients in Wales can be treated closer to home which will provide a great deal of comfort to families who are already dealing with an enormous amount of anxiety and worry.

LATCH General Manager, Jade Morgan, commented: “It’s such an honour for us to support these families who are in need of an extra level of care at such an important time. To take away the added stress and burden of travelling to other centres in the UK will mean so much to us, and it’s only thanks to the support of the general public across Wales that we are able to fund this vital role. We wish Ceri every success in the role and we extend our warmest welcome to our much loved LATCH family.”

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