Take Part in the LATCH Sober January Challenge

With Christmas and New Year fast approaching, many of us will indulge in more than our fair share of alcohol to celebrate, with resolutions made to cut back and concentrate on our health after party season has ended.

This January, LATCH is inviting our supporters to commit to the LATCH Sober January Challenge! All you need to do to take part is to make sure no alcohol passes your lips from 1st January until the 1st February. You can then donate the money you’ve saved or even ask friends and family to sponsor you.

Denise Henderson, LATCH General Manager, commented: “January is a tough month in the charity world, with the excesses of Christmas behind us and our position at the starting line in our quest to raise over £800,000 to help support children with cancer and leukaemia and their families in our case.”

She continued: “We hope as many of our supporters as possible to get behind our Sober January Challenge, reaping the rewards of so many associated health benefits whilst also supporting families across Wales when they need it the most.”

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