How much does it cost to run LATCH?

LATCH relies entirely on the generous donations and fundraising activities of volunteers, and we’re very proud to have one of the smallest administration costs, proportionately, of any UK based charity.

LATCH commits to spending every penny wisely with the sole aim of supporting children receiving treatment for cancer or leukaemia as well as their families and we’re proud of our Trustees who receive no remuneration or benefits for their work, operating in an entirely voluntary capacity.

The cost of running LATCH, however, has risen to over £700,000 per year which highlights just how essential every penny our supporters raise is to us so that we are able to maintain our support for children and their families.

How LATCH Spends Money Our Fundraisers Have Generated

Here are some interesting facts and figures showing how LATCH uses your donations to help children and their families

  • When a child is on chemotherapy, the house needs to be kept at a constant warm temperature. LATCH gives on average a heating grant of £250 a year per family to help cover increased energy bills.
  • If a child living in Swansea is diagnosed with cancer, the family will have to make numerous 90 mile round trips to Cardiff for treatment. LATCH will provide transport expenses to this family of £23 per round trip.
  • During treatment, a child may need to use a specialised buggy to help with mobility. LATCH provides specialised buggies at a cost of £250 each.
  • LATCH provides on-site family accommodation so that families can stay together during treatment. To run and maintain this facility costs £30,000 per year.
  • LATCH will often fund medical equipment for the Oncology Unit. New infusion pumps for chemotherapy costs £5000 each.
  • LATCH spends on average every year £700 replacing and updating computer gaming consoles to keep the children occupied on the ward.
  • To provide two family support workers who help the families in the afternoons, early evening and weekends costs LATCH £30,000.
  • Every family is designated its own social worker to provide emotional, practical and financial support. This service costs LATCH £130,000 to fund.
  • After the emotional and disruptive time in hospital, LATCH gives all families a grant of £500 a year to put towards a well-deserved holiday.