Home from Home Accommodation

Due to the large catchment area of the Children’s Oncology Unit, families often have to make round trips of over 200 miles to receive treatment.

Family Accommodation Unit

As part of our relocation to the Children’s Hospital for Wales, LATCH fundraised £800,000 to build an extra floor of the hospital to house a family accommodation unit.

This unit consists of eight hotel-standard bedrooms (six of which are ensuite) with televisions as well as kitchen facilities, a laundry room, a dining room and lounge so families can make themselves at home. The accommodation is offered to families free of charge and helps keep families together during their child’s stay in hospital.

LATCH continues to maintain these facilities and upgrades the rooms and equipment on a regular basis. In summer 2018, LATCH fundraised for a complete refurbishment of the accommodation to ensure families have the most comfortable stay they can whilst they’re having to stay close to their child during treatment.