Donating Food & Other Goods

Donating money is not the only way you can help LATCH.

We are also happy to receive food donations for our families who are staying with us and those who are using the kitchen on Rainbow ward.

For food donations we have an Amazon wish list which we update regularly and which you can find by following this link. We are a small charity with limited space, so before you buy anything either check our wish list or give us a ring / email us and ask us what we currently need.

Every Christmas we also have an Amazon wish list for Christmas gifts to give to our children. We usually publish and promote this at the end of November. If you are considering to donate toys, please check our wish list first or ring/email us and ask us what we need. Often, it is gifts for teenagers we find ourselves short of.

Things we unfortunately cannot accept:

  • Second hand toys, clothes and other goods
  • Handmade items that are not CE tested and certified
  • Random toys and items
  • Bobble hats
  • Big items that take up too much space
  • Fresh food
  • Food with a limited use by date

Things we are happy to accept:

  • Items from our Amazon wish lists.
  • New arts & crafts items for the children on Rainbow ward.

LATCH does not have a charity shop, however, if you would like to donate second hand items, you can do so in the charity shops of Noah’s Ark. You can find more information on their website here.