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Supporting the Paediatric Oncology Unit

The Paediatric Oncology Unit is based in the modern facilities of the Children’s Hospital for Wales which opened in 2005. It is situated on Sky ward with the outpatients department on Space ward. The costs of running an oncology unit are high so there are often areas which NHS budgets are not available to fund.

How Funding Helps

LATCH funds the purchase of medical equipment and a range of clinical projects aimed at making the lives of children more comfortable on the wards and ensuring they are getting the best clinical support when they are at home and in the community.

  • LATCH has recently funded a new Optia Apheresis machine to harvest stem cells from children.
  • LATCH has funded new cardiac monitors for the ward and syringe drivers for use in the community
  • LATCH supplies specialised buggies to improve the mobility of children who have lost their ability to walk due to treatment
  • LATCH funds a Solid Tumour Nurse based on Rocket Ward who provides a vital service for the children we support

Long Term Follow Up Service for Survivors of Childhood Cancer

As survival rates for childhood cancer continue to improve, there is a need to follow up and manage any possible complications and after effects of treatment.

Once in remission, there is a need to continue to monitor a child’s growth and development, heart problems, fertility issues, lifestyle choices and psychological issues related to overcoming a life-threatening illness.

LATCH funds a Clinical Nurse Specialist and a Data Manager who put in place treatment summaries and a long term follow up plan for each patient to ensure that they receive appropriate care moving forwards.

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